Grave International Crimes

Grave violations of human rights, such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, are committed over the world. The perpetrators rarely face prosecution and are often able to continue to commit crimes with impunity. Through legal means, we work to keep dictators awake at night and hold them accountable to achieve justice for their victims.

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Holding Perpetrators Accountable

We work to hold perpetrators of grave international crimes accountable and to achieve justice for the victims of such crimes.

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We organise trainings on how to safely collect and preserve evidence and document grave international crimes as well as on how to file a criminal complaint in Sweden.

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المعلومات باللغة العربية

Information in Arabic. If you have witnessed or been subject to grave international crimes you may file a criminal complaint and provide information to Swedish authorities.

إقـرأ المزيد

We are filing a criminal complaint against representatives of the Syrian regime

The Syrian regime used sarin gas against civilians in at least two attacks; on Khan Sheikhoun in 2017 and al-Ghouta in 2013. Hundreds were killed in the attacks and many more suffered serious injuries, including children. In April 2021, we filed a criminal complaint together with Syrian victims in Sweden against high-ranking members of the Assad regime for war crimes and crimes against humanity. In February 2019, we filed a similar complaint to Swedish authorities.

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How we hold perpetrators accountable

Through legal means, we work to bring perpetrators of grave international crimes to justice in Sweden, in the country in which the crimes have occurred, and in the International Criminal Court or other internationalized criminal tribunals.

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How can I report an international crime to Swedish authorities?

If you have witnessed or suffered a grave international crime, you can file a criminal complaint to Swedish authorities. Here, you can read more about how to proceed and the rights that you are entitled to. Information in Arabic can be found here: المعلومات باللغة العربية

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We Keep Dictators Awake at Night

We work to hold those who have committed grave international crimes, such as extra-judicial executions, torture, forced disappearances and military attacks against civilians, to account.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery has supported our project “Keeping Dictators Awake at Night” with SEK 16,7 million, which enables us to hold some of the world’s major oppressors accountable for their actions.

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Defenders’ Database

Defenders’ Database enables human rights defenders and organisations to easily document and analyse data on grave international crimes.

The database provides a safe space to store information until it is used to prosecute those in power and demand justice.

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Help Us Hold Oppressors Accountable