Latin America

Latin America is the most dangerous region in the world for human rights defenders, and the situation is deteriorating in several countries. Human rights violations and declining democracy are forcing many human rights defenders into exile.

We work long-term with holistic security trainings and digital solutions, enabling human rights defenders to document violations safely. We also support human rights organisations through legal processes and international advocacy. We have an office in Bogota, Colombia.

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Advancing human rights locally, nationally, and globally

The border between Colombia and Venezuela is one of the most difficult places in Latin America to defend human rights. Violent conflicts and human rights violations cut across geographical borders. Through advocacy, dialogue, and capacity building, Civil Rights Defenders works with partners to improve the situation in the region. 

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Promoting freedom of expression

In Cuba, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are severely restricted. We work through awareness campaigns and advocacy to advance human rights and democracy on the island. 

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Security for human rights defenders where their lives are most at risk

In countries like Colombia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, being a human rights defenders can put your life at risk. Civil Rights Defenders work to improve the security, capacity, and impact of civil society organisations. We collaborate with local human rights defenders to defend the right to defend rights.

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Support brave human rights defenders



Press and media

Are you a journalist and want to book an interview with one of our experts on the human rights situation in Latin America or interview some of the world’s bravest people from the region?

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