Memorial or Celebratory Donation

Honour the memory of a loved one, celebrate someone special, or commemorate a milestone by making a donation in their name that will support human rights defenders worldwide.

When you make a memorial or celebratory donation, we will send a leaflet with your personal greeting to the recipient of your choice.

To give a memorial or celebratory donation

  1. Make a donation here.
  2. Email Write “memorial gift” or “celebratory gift” in the subject line. Include the following information:
    –  The name of the person to be mentioned on the leaflet
    –  A personal greeting
    –  Your name
    –  Name and address to which the leaflet is to be sent by post
    –  Funeral date or anniversary date (if the date is unknown, your gift certificate will be sent immediately)


Read more here or get in touch at or +46 (0) 8 545 277 30.