DiDi – Defenders' Database

The Defenders’ Database (DiDi) is a an easy-to-use tool for human rights defenders to register, analyse and share information about human rights violations. It permits users to record data on violations both online and offline, store documentation and import old reports to give the information life. The anonymised data from our certified users is published in the map-and-graph-tool, and can be filtered and shared by anyone.

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DiDi 2.0

DiDi was launched in April 2018 and is still under construction for version 2.0, so please bear with us and give us feedback. Please stay updated by visiting the site frequently.
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If you are a human rights defender who is interested in using the Defenders' Database (DiDi), please let us know here.
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The DiDi Story

There were so much more important information in the reports that was not possible to analyse or visualise in the report format. We could not permit that all this impressive work would be lost.
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