Anti-Corruption and Complaints

Corruption undermines the respect for and protection of human rights. Civil Rights Defenders has zero tolerance for corruption and work to combat corruption and misconduct directly and indirectly. The organisation will avoid conflicts of interest in all its work and undertakings.

Transparency International defines corruption as “abuse of entrusted power for personal gain”. Corruption includes bribery, extortion, embezzlement, conflict of interest, favouritism, and nepotism, thus can be both financial and non-financial.

If you suspect any kind of corruption or misconduct, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, or other types of unethical behaviour, you can report it via the form below. You can also report other types of complaints further down.


Read more about how we handle corruption, misconduct and complaints:

Download: Anti-Corruption Policy
Download: Whistleblower Policy
Download: Complaints Policy


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Report Suspected Corruption or Misconduct

If you suspect corruption or other misconduct, please report this via the form. You can be completely anonymous.

Report Corruption or Misconduct

The reports of alleged corruption are handled by Civil Rights Defenders’ internal Anti-Corruption Working Group (AWG). The Anti-Corruption Working Group can also be reached at Emails can only be read by a limited group. It is also possible to send anonymously by post:

Civil Rights Defenders
Anti-Corruption Working Group
Östgötagatan 90
SE-116 64 Stockholm

Report Complaints

Civil Rights Defenders are interested in learning about stakeholder’s opinions about the organisation whether it is a complaint or a compliment. To ensure continuous improvement of Civil Rights Defenders’ work, it is essential to have a channel open to the public or anyone with a relation to the organisation. If you have complaints that are not related to corruption or misconducts, please contact

Report Complaints