Lack of respect for human rights is pervasive across Eurasia. Critics and dissidents are imprisoned on political grounds, and freedom of expression is heavily restricted. Repressive laws are enacted regularly, making it increasingly difficult for human rights defenders to carry out their work. The war in Ukraine makes the situation there particularly difficult.

We have worked to empower human rights defenders and monitor developments in the region since Civil Rights Defenders was founded over 40 years ago.

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The invasion of Ukraine – an emergency situation

Human rights defenders need all the support they can get as independent voices are especially critical during times of war. Since the invasion, we have supported human rights defenders and independent journalists on the ground so that they can continue their important work.  

Through our Emergency Fund, we provide rapid assistance to human rights defenders in danger. This includes physical and digital security solutions, temporary relocations to safe places, and help to leave the country when threats become too serious. Among other things, we have: 

💛Provided emergency support to 350 journalists, including supplying first aid kits and flak jackets.  

💙Ensured that activists had the insurance, medical equipment, and satellite internet they needed to continue their work.  

💛Provided psycho-social support to journalists reporting from the frontline.  

💙Helped human rights defenders with urgent evacuations and temporary relocations to safe places. 

💙Worked with organisations to document war crimes.

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Support brave human rights defenders

Defending civil and political rights in the region for over 40 years

Civil Rights Defenders has worked with human rights defenders in Eurasia for over 40 years. Among other things, we support journalists so that they can continue their important work on the ground in Ukraine, as well as LGBTI+ organisations and organisations that work for women’s rights in Georgia.

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Women journalists in Georgia

In Georgia, we support organisations working on democracy reforms, LGBTI+ rights, and women’s rights, as well as independent media. Among other things, we work together with our partner organisations to educate women in grassroot journalism. Civil Rights Defenders also has an office in Tbilisi.  

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Human rights in times of war

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the human rights situation has massively deteriorated in both countries. Civil Rights Defenders has supported human rights defenders and independent journalists on the ground in Ukraine since the beginning of the war so that they can continue their important work.  

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Press and media

Are you a journalist and want to book an interview with one of our experts on the human rights situation in Eurasia or interview some of the world’s bravest people from the region?

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