Club “Henrik Steska” from Ljubljana wins the 18th Regional Moot Court Competition in Human Rights

The 18th Regional Moot Court Competition in Human Rights, organised by Civil Rights Defenders, was held at the Supetar County Court on the island of Brač, Croatia, during April 19 – 22. Participants from seven countries – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, and North Macedonia – engaged in rigorous legal debates and analysis. Following one and a half days of qualification and semi-final rounds, two Moot Court Clubs, “Dr Radomir Lukic” from Novi Sad and “Henrik Steska” from Ljubljana, emerged as the finalists. Ultimately, it was “Henrik Steska” who secured victory.

Moot Court Competition is a project that Civil Rights Defenders has started in 2006, and since then it has been organised annually. After months of intense preparations and practicing, the teams gather to showcase their knowledge. This year, with more than 100 participants and academic trainers at the event, the competition facilitated fruitful exchanges and networking opportunities among aspiring legal professionals.

Throughout the competition, students grappled with a hypothetical case that tested their legal acumen and analytical skills. The hypothetical case, developed by Civil Rights Defenders’ legal team, has focused on human rights issues relevant for the region, and this year, among others, it has raised various topics, such as right to privacy, right to legal representation and fair trial, right to family life, etc. This simulated scenario provided participants with a unique opportunity to apply legal principles to complex real-world issues, highlighting the importance of legal education and advocacy in addressing human rights challenges.

The competition was adjudicated by some of Europe’s most-esteemed judges, including eights judges from the European Court of Human Rights alongside local judges from the participating countries.

Civil Rights Defenders extends its heartfelt congratulations to all participants, academic trainers, judges, and supporters who contributed to the success of this event. We look forward to the ongoing impact of the competition in promoting excellence and advocacy in the pursuit of advancing human rights.

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