Georgia: Conference to shape a strategy for litigating cases in the European Court

On 23 November, Civil Rights Defenders and 18 human rights organisations participated to discuss the use of international litigation mechanisms related to the protection of human rights. The aim of the conference is to develop a strategy for litigating cases in the European Court based on experience, current trends, and future vision.

The conference took place in Kakheti and was organised by the organization “Georgian Democracy Initiative”. It brought together many actors working on promoting the rule of law and human rights within the country.

”The conference enabled civil society organizations to review cases litigated within the project, their impact on Georgian society, legislation and administrative practice,” says the local representative from Civil Rights Defenders who participated in the conference.

Civil Rights Defenders has partnered with the Georgian Democracy Initiative since 2021. The partnership aims to contribute to the improvement of the protection of civil and political rights in Georgia. The focus is on improving freedom of expression, press freedom and freedom of assembly. Georgia finds itself at 77th place out of 180 countries on Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index.

”Another important outcome was the promotion or initiation of positive changes in national case law, policies and administrative practice of the authorities as the respondent government can also be obliged to take general measures to enforce the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights,” says the Civil Rights Defenders representative.

About The Georgian Democracy Initiative

The Georgian Democracy Initiative is an independent civil society organisation founded in 2012. The organisation works on establishing the rule of law in the country through the promotion of human rights and monitoring their protection; the promotion of an inclusive society and a tolerant environment; strengthening democratic governance and the rule of law; supporting the accountability and transparency of public institutions.

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