Civil Rights Defenders condemns attack on Tbilisi Pride

Civil Rights Defenders condemns attack on Pride Fest in Tbilisi and expresses deep concern about developments in Georgia during Pride Week.

Yesterday, 8 July, Tbilisi Pride was forced to cancel its planned closed event Pride Fest due to an attack by threatening groups on the festival venue. Georgian authorities have a duty to protect human rights and freedom of assembly and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia.

“These developments are alarming for human rights, and they clearly indicate unfortunate backsliding of democracy in Georgia. Freedom of assembly and demonstration should be guaranteed for the citizens of Georgia, and the LGBTI+ community should be able to conduct events and enjoy the same rights as all other citizens of the country”, says Gabrielle Gunneberg, Global Department Director at Civil Rights Defenders.

Civil Rights Defenders expresses full solidarity with the LGBTI+ community in Georgia. We call on Georgian authorities to hold those responsible for the attack on Tbilisi Pride accountable and to ensure freedom of assembly and expression for all.

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