Proposed Bill will Restrict the Activities of NGO’s in Uganda

Civil Rights Defenders is concerned over the trajectory of a bill that aims to regulate Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) in Uganda. The NGO bill introduced in April 2015 is due to be debated by Ugandan legislators and contains several provisions aimed at curtailing Freedom of Association. It seeks to repeal and replace the current Non-Governmental Organisation Registration Act Cap 113 regulating NGO activities in Uganda.

Maina Kiai the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association has urged legislators to hold meaningful dialogue with civil society and is concerned that that the NGO Bill may not reflect the views of the interested parties who are engaged in the consultation process.

“At a time when freedom of speech and association is being squeezed to the limit in the East & Horn of Africa, Civil Rights Defenders calls on Uganda to set a positive example and engage with all actors in the process. The result of the bill if passed will see restrictions on civil society organisations and its vagueness will also give power to the authorities to place sporadic controls on their activities says Mesfin Negash, Programme Director for East & Horn of Africa at Civil Rights Defenders.

For a full statement by Manai Kiai please click here and for a copy of content of the supplement to the bill click here.