Discrimination Finally Prohibited in Montenegro

A law on the prohibition on discrimination has been adopted in Montenegro, much because of the work of Civil Rights Defenders and our partners Youth Initiative for Human Rights and Center for Democracy and Human Rights.

Goran Miletic, Civil Rights Lawyer working for Civil Rights Defenders in Serbia, comments the new law:

“I think that the law is a very important step not only for the discriminated groups but also for the wider public and the transition of Montenegro. I think that this will contribute to debates in the public, mostly related to equality of the citizens as well as the position of the (totally invisible) LGBT community. The implementation of the law is most important and if needed some changes will be adopted in the future.”

Even though many recommendations from nongovernmental organisations were not adopted and the implementation seems to take a long time, the law itself is still welcomed.  Montenegro thereby becomes the last country in the region to adopt a law which prohibits discrimination, and now also guarantees equal rights of all citizens of Montenegro.