Politically Peaceful Year in Montenegro

2009 has been the most peaceful year in the last two decades for Montenegro, regarding the political situation. It has been devoted to stabilization of national institutions and intensifying European integration process.

Systemic violations do not exist in the area of human rights in Montenegro, according to the report published and presented on December 21 by Youth Initiative for Human Rights in cooperation with Civil Rights Defenders. However, there are problematic aspects in regard to freedom of expression, discrimination, Roma status and the status of displaced persons, familiy violence, torture, etc.

There is also concern that the minister for human rights, Ferhat Dinosa, openly expressed negative standpoints on the rights of the LGBT population. The research on human rights conducted by Youth Initiative for Human Rights was focused on police torture, discrimination, and politically motivated violence in 2009.

Read the complete report here: Monitoring human rights in Montenegro Dec 2009.