Public call for the prohibition of hate speech against the LGBTI+ community in Albania

Photo: Nensi Bogdani

Triggered by the events of the recent days, the rise in discriminatory rhetoric and harmful language has reached alarming levels, posing a significant threat to the dignity, safety and well-being of members of the LGBTI+ community and their supporters. Therefore, we, the signatory organisations, stand in solidarity in our call for the prohibition of hate speech in Albania.

Hate speech, in any form, instigated by anyone, is a violation of basic human rights and contradicts the fundamental values of equality, respect and inclusion that Albania aspires to protect. Its use perpetuates discrimination, incites violence and creates an environment of fear and exclusion for LGBTI+ individuals or anyone it is used for. This is unacceptable in a society that aims to protect and promote the rights of all its citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The use of hate speech undermines the basic structure of society by promoting division and intolerance. When prejudiced views are encouraged and allowed to run unchecked, as has recently happened in our country, they contribute to a culture of exclusion and hostility that affects everyone, not just the LGBTI+ community. This division weakens social cohesion and hinders the progress of a society that values diversity and equality.

To prevent this, we call on every individual to report cases of hate speech against the LGBTI+ community or anyone else who uses hate speech, to the relevant authorities. By reporting these injustices, we can take a collective stand against discrimination and protect the rights of all citizens.

Citizens can also report cases of hate speech, discrimination and misinformation on social networking platforms and media portals through the platform.

We call on the authorities to take swift and effective action against the perpetrators of hate speech to ensure accountability and prevent future offences.

We can create a safer, more inclusive Albania for everyone.

Signatory Organisations

  1. People’s Advocate.
  2. Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination.
  3. Civil Rights Defenders.
  4. LGBT Alliance.
  5. OMSA.
  6. LGBT Shelter.
  7. ProLGBT.
  8. Association of Professional, Business and Artisan Women.
  9. Alice Taylor, journalist.
  10. Center Vatra, Vlora.
  11. Gender Alliance for Development.
  12. Albanian Helsinki Committee.
  13. European Center.
  14. ALTRI Center.
  15. Partners Albania.
  16. Roma Versitas Albania.
  17. Free Legal Aid Tirana, TLAS.
  18. CRCA/ECPAT Albania.
  19. PINK Embassy.
  20. Coalition for Education in Albania.
  21. Association “I, Woman”.
  22. Institute for the Social Contract.
  23. Women’s Empowerment Network in Albania, AWEN.
  24. Citizens Channel.
  25. National Children’s Hotline in Albania – ALO 116111.
  26. Center for Legal and Civic Initiatives.
  27. Act for Society Center.
  28. Albanian Foundation for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  29. National Center for Community Services.
  30. Community Reporters, Albania.
  31. Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania.
  32. Albania Community Assist – ACA.
  33. Center for Gender Justice.
  34. Association Beyond Barriers.
  35. Media and Social Affairs Center.
  36. Association Infinit +.
  37. “Together” Foundation.
  38. Voice of Roma association in Albania.
  39. Albanian National Resource Center for Training and Technical Assistance—ANTTARC.
  40. Organization for the Preservation and Protection of the Natural Environment in Albania, PPNEA.
  41. Institute for Activism and Social Change, IANS.
  42. Center TREJA.
  43. Center for Community Development “Today for the Future”.
  44. H.A.N.A. Youth Center.
  45. Albanian Group of Human Rights.
  46. Youth for Social Changes Center.
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