New Report on the Right to a Fair Trial in Criminal Proceedings

What are the possibilities of redress for violations of procedural rights in criminal proceedings? This is the subject of a new report from Civil Rights Defenders released today.

The right to a fair trial is fundamental and extends to everyone. As part of Civil Rights Defenders’ work in Sweden, we monitor compliance with the right to a fair trial. Now, we are releasing a report examining possibilities for redress when evidence has been gathered without procedural rights guarantees, such as when a suspect has been questioned without a lawyer present, or when the accused has not been given access to an interpreter.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020)

The study has been based on a review of existing legislation, case law, and interviews with 15 representatives from the judicial system. In assessing the regulatory framework, Civil Rights Defenders has also looked at Sweden’s compliance with the EU directives on procedural rights in criminal proceedings.

Read the Report

Click here to read the report.

More information

Click here to read more about the report (in Swedish).

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