‘Safometer’ and ‘Needs in Transit,’ EqualiTECH Winning Products Set for Release

We’re happy to announce that two winning teams from our human rights hackathon, EqualiTECH 2020, have developed their products and are launching pilot versions.

Since the 2020 hackathon took place in an online format last December, the winning teams received funding and technical support to bring their products to life. Pilot versions of the products have now been developed:

Safometer – a digital platform that collects, analyses and maps data necessary for measuring safety indicators in public spaces. The purpose of the website is to improve the experience of Kosovo’s citizens in public spaces by informing them of potential dangers and guiding them to safe spaces. (in Albanian)

Needs in Transit – The aim of this webpage is to be a supporting hand to refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, transiting through the Western Balkans. Providing information about hospitals, places to eat, emergency and information services, this webpage helps them meet basic needs while they are transiting. The platform focuses on Albania in the pilot stage, but upon launching developers plan to roll it out to other countries across the Western Balkans.

EqualiTECH is a regional hackathon held in order to use the technological potential of youth in the Western Balkans in the fight against injustice and inequality.

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