Attempts to Silence the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Must Stop

Civil Rights Defenders and several other organisations within the JUSTICIA European Rights Network call on the Bulgarian government to stop its attacks against the Bulgarian civil society. In a joint open letter on 1 October, we condemn the request by the Bulgarian National Movement – one of the parties in the ruling coalition in Bulgaria – seeking the de-registration of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee as a non-profit organisation.

The request for de-registration has been put forward for no reason other than the fact that the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has engaged in activities that could only be described as legitimate human rights advocacy. Without being registered, the organisation would be prohibited from undertaking its important work for human rights. Civil Rights Defenders strongly condemns this worrying attempt to silence the civil society in Bulgaria.

JUSTICIA stands in solidarity with our member organisation Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, and we strongly oppose the unjustified attacks on the organisation that further narrows the space for civil society in Bulgaria.

Read the full open letter here.