Share Your Idea

Be the change! The Innovation Initiative was created to better tackle the challenge of the perils and opportunities of the modern world. The ambition is nothing less than to disrupt the traditional human rights space with key innovations. We focus on improving the security and impact of human rights defenders. Any idea on these topics are most welcome. An idea can be either a problem or an opportunity.

Share your idea with us. Whether you are a Civil Rights Defenders partner or a concerned citizen, the process of creating a better environment for human rights starts with you sharing. The Innovation Initiative enables us to create a solution for the problem/opportunity you share – even if you don’t have one right now.

What happens if my idea gets taken up?

If you are a Civil Rights Defenders partner, then as a problem owner, you understand the issue better than anyone else and therefore we will contact you to further research the idea together with you. Thereafter we will decide how we will approach implementation.

If you are a concerned citizen, we will locate a human rights defender who experience this issue to assist us in further exploring the particulars. If our research proves relevance, that this is an issue for human rights defenders, we will proceed to implementation. At this stage we will inform you that your idea is being explored, giving you full bragging rights. Kindly note that by sharing your idea with Civil Rights Defenders you have given us permission to pursue this idea as we please.

Kindly note…

This is not related to the Innovation Challenge. Ideas submitted here will not receive funding. Ideas shared here are for the betterment of human rights, given to Civil Rights Defenders to pursue as we see fit.