Chancellor of Justice Lodges Appeal after Swedish State was Found Guilty of Ethnic Discrimination

On 30 June, the Chancellor of Justice, on behalf of the Swedish State, decided to lodge an appeal against the District Court ruling from 10 June where the court found the State guilty of ethnic discrimination because of the police registration of the eleven Swedish Roma citizens who Civil Rights Defenders acted as legal representatives for.

The eleven individuals have, according to the court ruling, not been registered for any other reason than their ethnic origin. The Council Court ruled that the eleven individuals are entitled to 30 000 Swedish Krona each in compensation for the discrimination they have been subjected to.

The Chancellor of Justice has challenged the court decision and lodged an appeal in order to try the case in a higher court. In the appeal, the Chancellor of Justice states that the individuals included in the register already have been redressed for the violations against their rights when a previous compensation of 5 000 Swedish Krona was distributed. In addition, the Chancellor of Justice states that if further compensation shall be provided, the sum of 30 000 is too large according to what can be deduced from the European Court’s, as well as the Supreme Court’s, policies. The Chancellor of Justice will elaborate on the basis for the appeal on 1 September at the latest.

The case will now be tried in the Svea Court of Appeal, which means that a new hearing will take place before an appellate court. Most likely, it will be another year before the appellate court provides its ruling. The process will continue to include only the eleven individuals that Civil Rights Defenders act as legal representatives for. At this time, there are no opportunities for other individuals included in the police’s register to enter into the process.