Human Rights Lawyer at Risk of Being Disbarred as Crackdown Continues

In a recent statement, Civil Rights Defenders and ten other civil society organisations that are members of the Sport for Rights coalition expressed seriously concern regarding the on-going case against prominent Azerbaijani human rights lawyer, Yalchin Imanov.

Political harassment and punitive sanctions against human rights lawyers has become a regular tactic of the authorities tin order to restrict the legitimate work they carry out in assisting human rights defenders who are being held in prison or pre-trial detention.

The past two years has seen a significant increase in the pressure exerted by the authorities on Azerbaijan’s small contingent of independent human rights lawyers who risk paying a high price for their activism and work in defending human rights. Only recently prominent human rights lawyer, Intigam Aliyev had his 7.5 year sentence galvanised by the Supreme Court in his final appeal in Azerbaijan.

The undersigned members of the Sport for Rights coalition call on the disciplinary committee of the Collegium of Advocates to:review this groundless case and dismiss the complaint brought against Imanov, and ensure  that he is able to perform his professional duties without further intimidation, hindrance, or harassment. And that the authorities of Azerbaijan put an end to all repression targeting human rights lawyers. They should immediately cease such persecution and all forms of harassment of lawyers who are providing assistance to human rights defenders, journalists, and activists.

Read the statement in full: Another human rights lawyer at risk of disbarment in Azerbaijan.