Civil Rights Defenders Urges President Museveni to Veto Anti-Gay Bill

Civil Rights Defenders strongly condemns the fact that the infamous so-called anti-gay bill once again is on the table in the Ugandan parliament, and urges president Museveni to use his veto to block it. Although the final draft has not been made official, it is clear that the outcome for the LGBT community in Uganda will be disastrous.  

The bill can be decided on any day now. Representatives from the civil society don’t know exactly what changes have been made since the original draft, however, it is clear that if adopted, the outcome for the LGBT people in Uganda will be disastrous. Severe punishments are expected for so-called promotion of homosexuality. Even knowing about a homosexual relationship without reporting it may be punishable by law.

“President Museveni promised earlier that he will use his veto to stop the bill, and we urge him to do so. With no doubt, the law would breach international human rights standards that the Ugandan government is obliged to follow,” said Erik Esbjörnson, Programme Developer at Civil Rights Defenders.

At the same time, Civil Rights Defenders whole heartedly supports the brave Ugandan civil society, in particular the LGBT community, in their efforts to stop the bill.

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