Pool of Lawyers With Focus on Discrimination

A major problem in Kosovo today is the lack of lawyers who can represent victims of human rights violations in court. In collaboration with Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Kosovo (YIHR KS), Civil Rights Defenders are establishing a pool of lawyers who will identify cases of discrimination for proceeding to the court.

The collaboration includes training of lawyers, researching and reporting on the implementation of the Antidiscrimination law, and identifying a case of discrimination for proceeding to the court.

As a result of this cooperation we expect to have an established pool of lawyers, which will be able to identify cases of discrimination, and after further trainings, will have the skills to defend the cases in court. We will also document the current situation regarding implementation of the antidiscrimination law, and strengthen the capacities of YIHR KS in regard to their Human Rights Program.

YIHR was established in Serbia in 2003 and in 2009 the Kosovo-based YIHR KS was established. Civil Rights Defenders has been cooperating with YIHR for several years especially as regards to discrmination.