Information Campaign to Increase Voting

In the 2009 municipal elections Kosovo Serbs, unsatisfied with Kosovo’s status, took part in the elections and won in three municipalities where they were in majority. Despite a strong reluctance, and a call for boycott from Belgrade officials, local Serbs surprised everybody with up to 25% turnout. The elected institutions have so far done a tremendous job investing millions in the municipalities’ infrastructure, making a real change in people’s lives.

In order to try to continue this positive trend we have, together with our partner KOSMA (Kosovo Media Association), produced a series of news reports that present the programs of political parties. The aim is to motivate more people to vote in the parliamentery elections on Sunday December 12.

KOSMA is also paying special attention to groups that are usually absent as voters – females and youth. The political parties’ approach to these groups, presented in the daily programs, is to promise them employment and a better future.

Whether these efforts will be sufficient to help them decide to vote remains to be seen on Sunday. Meanwhile, KOSMA continues its programs as the only Serbian language media that reaches the entire Serbian community in Kosovo.