Providing Access to Basic Human Rights in Kosovo

The purpose of our cooperation with Civil Rights Program/Kosovo is to provide free legal aid to vulnerable residents either from the majority community or one of the minorities, either living in Kosovo or as refugees in one of the neighbouring countries.

The main target group however is individuals that lack personal identification documents. Our goal is to provide a considerable number of persons with documents, and make it possible for them to gain access to their basic human rights; such as the right to education, health care, social allowances, as well as the possibility to get a legal employment and the right to vote in general elections.

In 2009 we focused specifically on the informal settlement Kolonia in Gjakova region, where we provided free legal aid to the inhabitants. A monitoring mission was also carried out during the year with focus on Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children’s access to education.

In 2010 we will continue  providing free legal assistance to this community and conduct special advocacy actions.

Civil Rights Program/Kosovo is a local non-governmental organisation which operates independently in Kosovo since 2004. The organisation provides information, counselling and free legal aid to internally displaced persons, refugees, returnees and minorities at risk through a multi-ethnic team of lawyers.