Empowering the Most Vulnerable with Tirana Legal Aid Society

Since 2006 Civil Rights Defenders has cooperated with Tirana Legal Aid Society, TLAS, in assisting Roma families to register their children, but also other members of the families, in order to help them get access to some of the most fundamental human rights; such as the right to education, health care, social allowances, as well as the possibility to get a legal employment and the right to vote in general elections. Hundreds of families have been assisted through our joint efforts so far.

TLAS aslo works with improvement of the legal system and they were the driving force in drafting the Law on legal aid, which was adopted in December 2008. A component of our cooperation in 2010 will be lobbying for the adoption of subsidiary legislation that needs to be in place in order for this law to function.

During 2010 TLAS will in addition, with the assistance of Civil Rights Defenders, start working on developing a new strategy for 2011-13.

Tirana Legal Aid Society’s main activity is to provide legal aid to vulnerable individuals and groups. TLAS also works to raise awareness on legal and human rights issues and is involved in efforts to improve the legal system. For instance, TLAS was the driving force in drafting the Law on Legal Aid, which was adopted on 13 January 2009.