Albania Adopts All-Inclusive Law Against Discrimination

After intensive work by human rights and international organisations in Albania an all-inclusive anti-discrimination law was decreed on 24 February by the Albanian President, Bamir Topi. The signature followed upon the adoption by the Parliament earlier in the month. Civil Rights Defenders has supported this process over many years.

It was a group of human rights organisations and international actors – among them Civil Rights Defenders partners – that drafted the law and finally managed to successfully push for its adoption.

“This is an important step forward, when it comes to fighting discrimination in Albania. The law will be an important safeguard and tool for individuals being exposed to discrimination, as well as for organisations trying to decrease the level of discrimination against vulnerable groups,” says Åsa Bergqvist, Programme Officer for Albania.

The law bans discrimination on the grounds of various characteristics, such as political, religious or philosophical beliefs, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity. It is assessed as a comprehensive law including strong mechanisms for its implementation. This means that Albania now fulfils the European Union’s criteria for protection against discrimination and thereby also comes one step further in the EU-integration process.