About Defenders’ Days Conference

Defenders' Days is a conference for and with human rights defenders.

Defenders’ Days Conference is one of the world’s largest conferences with and for human rights defenders. It is organised by Civil Rights Defenders and takes place in Stockholm every second year, where roughly 200 human rights defenders from five continents participated in the conference.

The purpose of the conference is to strengthen and support human rights defenders. It is also to create opportunities for networking and exchange of knowledge between people who every day, despite risks to their own safety, fight for democracy, freedom of expression, and human rights.

The conference includes workshops for, and together with, human rights defenders. Defenders’ Days offers a broad list of topics to learn more about, such as digital security, psychosocial aspects of security, and innovation as means to combat human rights violations.

Organised since 2013

Defenders’ Days was first organised in 2013, and held annually until the strategic decision was made to organise the conference every two years. The most recent Defenders’ Days was held in 2018 and gathered over 200 human rights defenders from five continents. The previous conference agendas, including information on workshops, trainers and panellists, can be found in the list below.

The global networking platform Defenders’ Days

Defenders’ Days is Civil Rights Defenders’ global networking platform for human rights defenders, informed by the defenders’ needs and focused on making use of innovative tools to combat human rights violations. The platform consists of the Defenders’ Days conference, bootcamp, and community.

The Defenders’ Days Bootcamp offers remote training and skill-sharing opportunities for human rights defenders. The bootcamps give human rights defenders a chance to take part in a variety of Civil Rights Defenders’ training opportunities, as well as for Civil Rights Defenders to evaluate and develop our training concepts.

The aim of Defenders’ Days

  • To strengthen the capacity and protection of human rights defenders;
  • To support cooperation, networking and exchange of knowledge among human rights defenders;
  • To strengthen the recognition of human rights defenders and highlight the situation of human rights defenders at risk.

Civil Rights Defenders’ ambition is to make sure that the participating human rights defenders leave Defenders’ Days with enhanced knowledge in relevant topics as well as a feeling of strong moral support from the international community.


Questions regarding Defenders’ Days? Please email defendersdays@crd.org.

For updates and news from the conference, follow #defendersdays on social media.