First Regional Balkan Summit on Roma Inclusion in Pristina

”Opportunities for Roma inclusion in the Western Balkans” is the first regional summit to be organised in the Balkans dealing with Roma human rights. Organised by Civil Rights Defenders the three-day event, running from the 25th to the 27th of November, which has held in Pristina, Kosovo focused on capacity building, seminars and discussions.

During the event a joint declaration entitled the Pristina Declaration was developed by 24 human rights organisations and prominent Roma rights activists,  with the aim of raising concerns regarding rapidly developing antiziganism in Europe.

The declaration calls for a robust fight against discrimination directed towards the Roma community in all spheres of life.

“Antiziganism across Europe seems to be one of the last forms of tolerated discrimination against a marginalised group. Human rights abuses often including violence against the Roma community is on-going and pervasive. Through summits and declarations such as this which seek to empower the Roma community, Civil Rights Defenders aims to regularly highlight their plight while also seeking concrete solutions to combat such systemic discrimination”, said Goran Miletic, Progamme Director for the Western Balkans at Civil Rights Defenders

For a full transcript of the Pristina declaration please click on the link below.

Pristina Declaration.