FAQ – Civil Rights Defenders of the Year Award

What is the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award?

The Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award is an award for outstanding work in defence of civil and political rights. It is awarded every year by Civil Rights Defenders. With the award, we recognise a prominent human rights defender who, despite the risk to their own safety, continues the struggle for civil and political rights. The award highlights the situation of human rights defenders at risk. It enhances their human rights work by providing international recognition and support to the award recipient.

Who is Civil Rights Defenders?

Civil Rights Defenders is a politically and religiously independent human rights organisation headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Our vision is a world of democratic societies in which we all enjoy our civil and political rights. We defend civil and political rights together with local human rights defenders to increase their security, capacity, and access to justice. Read more about our work here.

Since when have you been awarding the Civil Rights Defenders of the Year Award?

Civil Rights Defenders has awarded the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award every year since 2013.

How do you select the award recipient?

The recipient of each award is selected by the Board of Civil Rights Defenders. The selection is made from candidates presented to the Board by the organisation’s secretariat. The secretariat makes their choices based on nominations submitted from our worldwide network of human rights defenders, human rights organisations, and other relevant partners.

Nominees must carry out their work without the use of violence and, if an individual, within an independent human rights organisation/network.

How can I nominate someone for the award?

Nominations for the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award are accepted by invitation only. Read more about the nominations here.

Who are the past award recipients?

The award recipients typically work in countries in which they are not free to do their vital human rights work, or in which their rights to do so are under attack. In response, they have stood up to defend civil and political rights for both themselves and for others. For a full list of past award recipients, see here.

How can I contribute to your work?

The easiest way to contribute to our work is via a gift to Civil Rights Defenders. Your gift strengthens human rights defenders in some of the world’s most repressive regions. Click here to learn how to give.

I’m a journalist and have questions about the award. How do I get in touch?

Press inquires are welcome. You can reach us at +46 (0)76 576 27 62 or press@crd.org.