Human Rights Clinic 2017

PARIS, FRANCE - NOV 27, 2016: Stack of diverse Human Rights law books preparation for examination exam pass, mb and phd thesis

Civil Rights Defenders has seen first-hand the growing need for dedicated and skilled human rights lawyers. As human rights continue to be violated on a daily basis and only few of those affected get redress, those who work full time trying to battle the injustices need to become larger in number.

In order to meet these needs, there has to be a space where young and engaged students can meet and advance their practical skills of human rights law and strategic litigation in cooperation with experienced human rights lawyers. For us, one such space is the Human Rights Clinic.

“There is great interest in human rights work among law students. Civil Society Organisations and universities have an important role in fostering their commitment, creating opportunities for students to engage concretely and at the same time improve their skills,” said John Stauffer, Legal Director at Civil Rights Defenders.

The Human Rights Clinic is now in its second year, continuing on the great achievements from the pilot start-up in 2016. The project, which this year is funded by VINNOVA, was created in close cooperation between Civil Rights Defenders and the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University. It gathers dedicated law students from Uppsala University who are looking to advance their legal writing, research, advocacy, professional ethics and, above all, deepen their knowledge of human rights law.

In parallel with workshops, the students work on actual cases provided by Civil Rights Defenders. The 2017 Human Rights Clinic begun in August and the students are currently focusing on the two key themes of this year’s edition, one of which focusing on compulsory care of children, and the other on migration law, in particular the situation of unaccompanied children.

Due to its success so far, the clinic will be held again in the spring of 2018. Stay posted here on our website or on the Uppsala University website for more details on how to apply.