Social Networks as a Tool for Activism

Internet has changed the face of activism. Anyone can create and post media content online for the world to see. Social networks are becoming inevitable platforms to create awareness of issues, run campaigns, call supporters and decision makers to action and share information, news and updates.

Civil Rights Defenders is organising an innovative training in using social networking tools to increase awareness, encourage action and empower communities.

Some of the questions that will be highlighted are:
What are Sukey and Pidder? Are you on Posterous? CrowdVoice or Storify? Have you checked how to use Hootsuite for research? Twitter or Tumblr?

The training will be in Belgrade, Serbia, March 5th – 10th, for our partners in Serbia, to increase their competencies in using social networks to encourage activism. The trainer, David Brewer (Media Ideas, UK) is a renowned international media expert, with over 30 years of journalistic and managerial experience in newspapers, radio, television, online and social media.