Our Rights Displayed at Film Festival

On 9 November the Pravo Ljudski film festival opens with Civil Rights Defenders’ photo exhibition Our Rights at Kino Meeting Point in Sarajevo.

“This is the only film festival in Bosnia completely dedicated to human right issues. It presents relevant films from around the world, initiates discussions and debates, and therefore an important event for the exhibition Our Rights”, said Sumeja Tulic, Programme Officer at Civil Rights Defenders in Sarajevo.

Pravo Ljudski film festival is an annual event. The aim of the festival is to educate and enlighten citizens of Sarajevo, mostly students and young professionals, on contemporary human rights issues. It is also a forum for debates on human rights abuses in the past.

This year’s theme is “what does it mean to be socially responsible in the world today?”

Our Rights is a photo exhibition with pictures taken by the photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, portraying our work for civil and political rights. The exhibition was originally shown at Stockholm central station in 2009.