Systematic Work for Protection Against Discrimination

Personal characteristics such as national or ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, medical condition, sexual orientation, sex and age are bases for daily discrimination in Serbia. Together with Centre for Advanced Legal Studies we address these issues in a systematic way.

The Parliament has adopted an anti-discriminatory legislation related to people with disabilities. But neither the legislator nor the government are acting for the adoption of a general Law against discrimination.

Together with Centre for Advanced Legal Studies (CUPS) we address these issues in a systematic way – by drafting new laws or amending existing ones; advocating and lobbying for necessary changes in legislation; and raising awareness about discrimination of certain groups in Serbia.

In 2011 CUPS will draft a model law on the legal status of transsexual and transgendered individuals, and publish a book on the matter. The law will be drafted with the help of experts from the Coalition against Discrimination.

Simultaneously, we continue with activities in relation to the model laws drafted in 2009 and 2010. These relate to the legislation in the field of discrimination of Roma people, with the emphasis on the status of so-called legally invisible Roma, i e people who lack personal documents; discrimination of women, in the fields of criminal, family and labour legislation, and domestic violence; discrimination of people with disabilities, with a special focus on the matter of deprivation of legal capacity; the rules related to the rights of LGBT individuals, especially regarding same-sex civil registration; and legal protection of sensitive personal data.

In addition, we are publishing 500 copies of a publication with basic information on human rights, equality and justice, and relevant international standards that can be used by individuals and organisations in Serbia.