Conference on Improvements of the Anti-Discrimination Law

On 18 May 2011, we held a conference in Skopje together with Macedonian Young Lawyers Association and the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation. The main purpose of the event was to instigate a discussion among civil society actors about the recently passed Law against discrimination.

The law against discrimination does not meet European or general human rights standards and will need to be changed in the years to come. Among other, sexual orientation as a ground for discrimination needs to be included in the law.

A wide range of human rights organisations working to decrease discrimination in Macedonia participated in the conference.

The conference participants shared their views on the anti-discrimination law and talked about positive and negative experiences of applying the law in practice. They also formulated recommendations for further improvements of the law. The idea was that a larger group of organisations, with a consolidated position, is better equipped to jointly advocate for the changes needed.