Supporting a Professional Education in Journalism

For the past three years we have assisted the Macedonian Institute for Media, MIM, a training centre for journalists and media professionals, in educating a considerable number of journalists through their One Year Diploma Program in Journalism.

In addition to supporting the education of a new generation of journalists in Macedonia, our purpose of cooperating with MIM has been to try to establish a professional self sustainable school of journalism.

We supported a feasibility study to explore the possibilities for transforming the One Year Diploma Program into an accredited college with study programs at bachelors’ level. When MIM finally received the accreditation last year, by the Ministry of Education and Science, we supported the institute in the process of becoming a sustainable Higher School of Journalism and Public Relations.

The work of the first year’s students developed successfully and was followed by the start of a second group of students in September 2009. A third group of students is scheduled to start in September 2010.

The Macedonian Institute for Media is a non-profit organisation that promotes excellence in media and public communication through policy initiatives, research, training, publication and production. Since its establishment in 2001, MIM has organized over 100 trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences, hosting more than 1.000 domestic and foreign media professionals.