Civil Rights Defenders Seeking Consultant for Environmental Assessment

Civil Rights Defenders is seeking a consultant for an Environmental Assessment to support Civil Rights Defenders in implementing its Environment Action Plan 2021-2023 and assist the organisation in integrating an environmental approach throughout its operations. Download the Terms of Reference here.

About Civil Rights Defenders

Civil Rights Defenders is an international, non-profit, and independent human rights organisation, founded as the Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in 1982. For almost 40 years, Civil Rights Defenders has worked on defending people’s civil and political rights. We partner with and support human rights defenders who work in some of the world’s most repressive regions across four continents. We expand the space for human rights defenders by improving the security and capacity of our partners and by increasing awareness and accountability in relation to civil and political rights. Through advocacy, litigation, and public campaigns, we advance people’s rights in countries where respect for human rights is at its weakest.

Civil Rights Defenders’ work and support to human rights defenders include environmental human rights defenders. The organisation also recognises the interlinks between the environment and human rights and strives to mainstream a structured and well-informed environmental perspective in all its work. Civil Rights Defenders established an Environment Working Group (EWG) in May 2020, with the purpose of having a more systematic approach to the environment and climate across the organisation. Civil Rights Defenders has an Environment Action Plan 2021-2023 to help guide the organisation in improving the integration of an environment and climate perspective in its existing operations and programming. One component of the Environment Action Plan is to undertake an Environmental Assessment during 2023, which is the focus of this assignment.

Purpose and objective of the assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to undertake an environmental assessment to support Civil Rights Defenders in implementing its Environment Action Plan 2021-2023 and assist the organisation in integrating an environmental approach throughout its operations.

The environmental assessment is part of the Civil Rights Defenders’ Environment Action Plan 2021-2023, which has the overall main objectives:

  1. Identify which existing governing documents, routines, and tools into which an environmental perspective can be integrated.
  2. Identify environmental aspects to be treated as a cross-cutting issue addressing both direct and indirect environmental aspects, risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities.
  3. Strengthen Civil Rights Defenders’ understanding and application of environmental mainstreaming, including climate change mitigation and adaptation in its operations and programming.

Assignment goals and expected deliverables

The consultant will be contracted to lead the implementation of an environmental assessment of Civil Rights Defenders, its programmes, and operations. More specifically:

  • Conduct an environmental assessment to identify appropriate next steps and guidance in terms of identifying actions to follow up. The purpose of the environmental assessment is to identify and assess i) vulnerabilities and risks from the contexts where Civil Rights Defenders is working, ii) risks of negative environmental impact as well as opportunities for positive environmental impact, iii) Civil Rights Defenders’ internal capacity to manage identified opportunities and risks, and iv) identify entry points for environmental integration within Civil Rights Defenders.
  • The consultant shall also participate in Civil Rights Defenders’ EWG monthly meetings to provide updates on the assessment and engage with EWG members.


The assignment shall be conducted during two months, starting as soon as possible.  No travel is required. A minimum of two in-person meetings at Civil Rights Defenders office in Stockholm is required during the assignment.


The assignment will be carried out by a suitably qualified, independent, and experienced consultant. The competency profile of the successful consultant will include (as selection criteria):


  • Academic degree in the environment and climate field.
  • Solid experience working on environment and climate issues in an international and development context.
  • Good experience and understanding of integrating environment and climate perspectives in relation to civil society organisations, international development, and human rights.
  • Strong leadership skills, preferably experience in managing and leading teams.
  • Experience in facilitating organisations to strengthen their capacity and improve relevance and effectiveness.
  • Excellent interpersonal and strong communication skills.


  • Experience from working within similar civil society organisations.
  • Experience in cross-sector work and with one or more issues of climate and environment, gender equality and conflict.

How to apply

To apply, please send the following by 31 March 2023 to Veronica Sällemark, Program Officer, at The selection of this consultancy is being conducted on an ongoing basis.

  • Cover Letter – indicating relevant experience and knowledge and how the consultant meets the experience and knowledge requirements.
  • Brief (max 4 pages) Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Two professional references who can comment on the experience and suitability of the consultant.
  • A financial proposal of maximum budget 250 000 SEK (inclusive of VAT, travel expenses, and any other fees/costs necessary to deliver the assignment outlined in this ToR).

For questions about the assignment and terms of reference, contact Veronica Sällemark, Programme Officer at

Data Protection

Civil Rights Defenders will use the personal data provided (e.g., contact details, information about experience, qualifications, and competencies) for the purposes of processing the application. This is a necessary step as part of the process of entering into a contract to carry out this evaluation. The application will be shared with the necessary Civil Rights Defenders staff and Sida. Civil Rights Defenders and Sida will retain applications as necessary for the purpose of this assignment and to the extent required by law. For more information on processing personal data, please see Civil Rights Defenders’ Privacy Policies on its website.


Download the Terms of Reference here.