Why Oppression Offset?

We live in an age where democracy is declining worldwide. Even countries perceived as stable democracies have moved towards autocracy. Today, almost half of the world’s countries are dictatorships. Everything from tourism to merchandise import contributes economically to these totalitarian regimes’ power.

That is why we have made it possible to offset your oppression footprint, as a way of supporting our work for human rights in the world. With the offset, you help counteract the negative development and contribute to a more democratic world.

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How we use your Oppression Offset

Your Oppression Offset will contribute to our work supporting the brave people fighting for democracy and human rights. In many places in the world, they are finding it increasingly difficult to do their jobs. They are exposed to threats, hatred, and violence. They are arrested, imprisoned or disappear. When fewer and fewer critical voices can be heard and demand accountability, anti-democratic ideas and practices can spread, and regimes can continue to violate human rights without consequences.

Our task is to protect those subjected to these violations but also to demand responsibility from those guilty of serious human rights violations. Other examples of our work are Natalia Project, a community-based alarm and security management system, and the Emergency Fund, which provides rapid support to human rights defenders in danger.

Oppression Offset

How we calculate the Oppression Offset

Length of trip * Average daily cost * VAT (or similar) * Degree of autocracy * Number of people

The formula is based on the length of the trip, Swedes’ average cost per day during trips abroad, VAT rates, and how autocratic the country is. The average daily cost is based on the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth average from Facts about Swedish Tourism 2021, the VAT rate is taken from PwC and Deloitte and the country’s degree of autocracy is based on V-dem’s democracy index. A higher degree of autocracy leads to higher compensation. However, the calculation is not perfect. We have not weighed all the factors that benefit a dictatorship and, of course, the average daily cost varies.

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Oppression Offset

Why are not all countries included?

We have based the calculation on Varieties of Democracy’s V-dem’s Liberal Democracy Index, which measures the level of democracy in different countries around the world. In this index, each country is classified as either a democracy or a dictatorship. We have only included countries that are classified as dictatorships, as trips to these countries are the ones in need of an Oppression Offset.

You will find a total of 90 countries to choose from in our tool.

Read our frequently asked questions here.

Oppression Offset

Defending (y)our rights.