Congrats, Oppressors!

Corrupt leaders are increasingly rigging elections so they can stay in power. But all over the world, brave people are resisting. Help us build a future in which oppressors can no longer take their power for granted. Support our work.

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Choose Another Future

It’s not a long shot to assume that al-Assad will still be in power in 2042, that Putin will be re-elected in 2030, or that Orbán will retain power in 2034. By imprisoning opponents, undermining the rule of law, or silencing free media, when election day comes they have already won.

The al-Assad family has ruled Syria with an iron fist for 50 years. Those who stand up for democracy are met with brutal violence. Since 2011, 100,000 people connected to the opposition have disappeared. Read more about Syria here.

But all over the world, brave people are resisting. Join us in supporting those who challenge some of the world’s most corrupt leaders.

Stand Up for Democracy

By pretending to hold free and public elections, corrupt leaders fake democracy to give their rule the false impression of democratic legitimacy. Of all the rights that human rights defenders fight for, the right to free and fair elections is one of the most central.

In Russia, general elections are held on a regular basis, but they are neither free nor fair. Election results are falsified, independent candidates are excluded from the election process, and when the “wrong” candidate wins, life in prison awaits. Read more about Russia here.

We want to fend off a future in which we already know who will win in advance – where an election is no longer a choice. A future without rigged elections is possible, but your support is needed.

Support Those Who Resist

The countries we have highlighted in this campaign are governed by corrupt leaders who in various ways have been in power for a long time. They have changed the system to their advantage to make it unlikely that they lose their power in the foreseeable future. They oppress the people of their countries, and therefore remain in power for as long as they can – at all costs.

In 2010, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán came to power. Since then, he and his party, Fidesz, have systematically dismantled the country’s legal system and changed the election process to ensure future election wins. Read more about Hungary here.

With your support, we can create a future without rigged elections. We need to support those who are brave enough to resist.

Your Support Matters

Civil Rights Defenders defends people’s civil and political rights and support human rights defenders at risk. We work in some of the world’s most repressive regions on four continents, and in Sweden.

Together, we ensure that people’s rights and freedoms are respected and those who violate them are held accountable.