Civil Rights Defenders seek finance and administration consultant for Juba, South Sudan

Civil Rights Defenders seeking to hire a Finance and Administration consultant for a period of three months based in Juba. Please read below for details.


Civil Rights Defenders is an international human rights organisation that partners with and supports human rights defenders (HRDs) globally. Civil Rights Defenders works in the Africa region by partnering with local civil society organisations and HRDs to guarantee the respect and protection of human rights in the region. It works closely with its local partners to provide skills, knowledge and resources that increase their continued presence and the impact of their work.

Civil Rights Defenders has been partnering with 10 human rights organizations in South Sudan that is being supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).
Civil Rights Defenders is now in the process of finalising its registration as an international NGO in the republic of South Sudan.

One key aspect of this development is setting up a functioning, professional financial and administrative system. Doing so requires commendable knowledge and experience about the laws and practices governing similar organisations in South Sudan. It also involves a relevant experience with international organisations and skills to adapt Civil Rights Defenders’ internal policies to the local context.

Civil Rights Defenders is, therefore, seeking to hire a Finance and Administration consultant for a period of three months and based in Juba. The Finance and Administration consultant has the responsibility for the implementation of general finance functions. The consultant will take care of handling day-to-day tasks and fulfilling legally sanctioned obligations towards government authorities and other actors. The consultant is also expected to develop internal processes and practices for the Juba office and the Finance & Administration role.

In addition, the finance and administration consultant will support partners to improve on financial reporting, capacity, and systems. The Finance and Administration consultant works in close collaboration with the Project Country Coordinator/Manager and all South Sudan Project team to achieve the strategic and operational goals of Civil Rights Defenders in South Sudan.

2.Objective of the Finance and Administration Consultancy

The objectives of this consultancy are:

  • Setting up a clear, functional, and professional finance and administration system that is in line with relevant laws in South Sudan, Civil Rights Defenders internal policies and procedures, and donor requirements.
  • Start operationalizing critical finance and administration tasks immediately to fulfil obligations towards government and donor.
  • Support project team members and Civil Rights Defenders finance to streamline our practices.
  • To have established Personal Income Tax payment to National Revenue Authority which will be followed with ease by Civil Rights Defenders after the consultancy.
  • To have developed benefits and gratuity payment and management in line with laws and financial regulations of South Sudan.
  • To have Civil Rights Defenders account open with nominated bank in South Sudan.

3. Scope of Work and Expected Deliverables

The scope of this consultancy combines tasks that render long term impact, such as setting up systems, and fulfilling critical deliverables required by law in relation to our registration in South Sudan.

The Finance and Administration consultant works in close collaboration with the Department Director, Project Lead, and Country Coordinator, and all South Sudan Project and Africa department team to achieve the strategic and operational goals of Civil Rights Defenders in South Sudan.

More specifically, the consultant will be expected to;

a. Set a system which enables Civil Rights Defenders to build professional finance and administration system in the South Sudan work.

b. Engage and provide timely report to relevant government authorities.

c. Take lead in opening Civil Rights Defenders bank account in South Sudan in accordance with banking systems of South Sudan.

d. Pay personal Income Tax PIT for its staff to National Revenue Authority, calculate Civil Rights Defenders staff benefits and gratuity in accordance with the laws of South Sudan.

e. Coordinate timely payment of Civil Rights Defenders staff Personal Income Tax PIT to National Revenue Authority (NRA) in South Sudan to ensure compliance with tax regulations and other legal requirement and keep abreast of developments of South Sudan government requirements related to financial matters.

f. Work with Finance department in Stockholm, Africa Department Director, Project Lead and Country Coordinator/Manager in understanding benefits and gratuity payment to Civil Rights Defenders staff and management as provided for by labour laws of South Sudan.

g. Implement all policies and procedures for procurement, cash control and payments in line with Civil Rights Defenders and donor policies, procedures and requirements in South Sudan office and in close coordination with Civil Rights Defenders finance department in Stockholm.

h. Processes the daily financial needs of Civil Rights Defenders in South Sudan for the period of three months.

i. Ensure that transactions are fully supported, approved, properly filed and that the operations conform to the requirements of Civil Rights Defenders policies.

j. Assist the Programme Officers in South Sudan and Partners in the organization and completion of external audits and implements actions necessary to correct internal control weaknesses.

k. Ensure that monthly bank reconciliations are completed on a timely basis and that the final reconciliation are reviewed and signed off by the Country Coordinator/Manager in consultation with Africa Department Director.

l. In collaboration with Programme Officers, ensure that all financial and administrative documents and files are properly organized, updated, and regularly backed up.

m. Ensure adequate maintenance of records (staff contracts, PIT receipts, Benefits calculations etc) for good internal governance and according to the laws of South Sudan.

n. Ensure that Civil Rights Defenders has current and valid contracts: tax payments for any house, contractor, vehicle, and that payments are made for the same in full and on time.

4. Duration of the work

This consultancy will be undertaken for 3 months starting from 15th February-15th May 2023.

5. Required expertise and qualifications

Educational Background

a. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or another appropriate discipline.

b. Minimum five years of accounting, finance and administration experience gained preferably with a non-profit organization.


a. Flexibility, problem-solving skills, accuracy, ability to work under pressure and good communications skills.

b. High level of reliability, dynamism, objectivity, and integrity.

c. Good computer skills and extensive knowledge of Excel, Word and email software and financial management and accounting software such as QuickBooks.

d. Knowledge of electronic and paper filing systems.

e. Sound understanding of South Sudan labour laws ( gratuity and benefits payment) and legal business environment and requirements.;

f. Excellent analytical/problem-solving skills and detail orientation.

g. Strong commitment to teamwork.

h. Effective and regular communication within the Juba office and with Stockholm office, motivating leadership and interpersonal skill.

i. Experience with strengthening the financial management capacity of local partners (HRDs/CSOs/NNGOs).

j. A strong understanding of the civil society space especially human rights organizations in South Sudan is required.


• An understanding and strict adherence to all human rights principles provided in international instruments and jurisprudence is mandatory.

• An understanding and strict adherence to feminist values and principles is required.

6.Application for this consultancy should include:

• CV and Relevant experience

• Draft plan of action and tasks

• Financial expectation/payment for the service

Send your curriculum vitae with relevant academic documents to below emails:, copying