Civil Rights Defenders seeking consultant to conduct project evaluation in Ethiopia

Civil Rights Defenders is looking for a consultant to conduct a project evaluation of the project “Project: Revitalizing Civil Society and Human Rights in Ethiopia“. Please read ‘Terms of Reference’ below.

Terms of Reference

Contracting Party: Civil Rights Defenders

Reports to: Aklile Solomon, Africa Department

Project: Revitalizing Civil Society and Human Rights in Ethiopia


Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) is an international human rights organisation based in Stockholm, Sweden, that partners with and supports human rights defenders (HRDs) globally. It has extensive experience in supporting HRDs most at risk. Civil Rights Defenders work through flexible, context-sensitive and, when needed rapid interventions to support local actors who are at the core of ensuring the respect of human rights.

Civil Rights Defenders works in the Africa region with the same mission of partnering with local HRDs and civil society to support local efforts that promote and defend human rights in the region. Civil Rights Defenders works closely with its local partners to create enabling internal capacity and external environment that ensure their continued presence and the impact of their work.

We have been implementing a project entitled “Revitalizing Human Rights Organizations and Civil Society in Ethiopia” for one year. This project aims at reinforcing the capacity of human rights organizations and human rights defenders in Ethiopia through participatory-driven collaboration.

Civil Rights Defenders has expanded its presence and partnered with 10 human rights organizations in this project. The organisations work in diverse thematic areas and geographic locations. Their participation in the project is expected to contribute to improving their internal capacity, amplifying their voice and encouraging networking among themselves and other civil society actors.

Now we would like to evaluate the project by independent consultants to appreciate the challenges, assess results and strategize future collaborations.


The objective of the evaluation is to assess the quality of the implementation of the project

and its results, their sustainability and to propose follow-up actions in order to preserve and/or

improve the results.


The purpose of the assignment is to evaluate the impact of the project entitled ‘Revitalizing Civil Society and Human Rights in Ethiopia’ implemented by the Civil Rights Defenders. The assessment should evaluate the project to evaluate the following:

  • the main results of the project and the partnership,
  • the immediate impact of Civil Rights Defenders’ project and partnership to civil society organizations that were partners in this,
  • the added value created by the involvement of Civil Rights Defenders
  • the contribution of the project to revitalizing civil society organizations participated and human rights in the country


The overall methodological approach should be founded on the principles of participation, ownership, teamwork, and a learning approach. The assessment should involve methodologies comprised of both qualitative and quantitative methods. This should include but not be limited to a literature review of project documents, key informant interviews, and survey among the partner HRDs.

Project Deliverables

The resource person/organization contracted for this will be expected to provide the following deliverables.

  • An inception report including methodology, detailed work plan and tools that will be used to conduct this evaluation
  • Draft a final report to be reviewed by Civil Rights Defenders, submitted 10 working days after the submission of the inception report
  • The final report with included revisions is to be submitted no later than 5 working days after receiving Civil Rights Defenders revisions.

Duration of Work

The consultancy will be conducted for 20 days from 10 April until 30 April 2023.

Required Expertise

A legal registration and professional recognition from competent authority

CV and other documents demonstrating all that will be involved in this evaluation

Extensive and documented experience in conducting project evaluations in Ethiopia

An understanding and strict adherence to all human rights principles provided in international instruments and jurisprudence is mandatory.

Payment schedule

The consultant will receive 20 %of the total payment upon signing the consultancy agreement, and additional 30% after submitting the draft project evaluation and the remaining amount (50 % of the total payment) upon the completion of all deliverables and approved by CRD.


Interested applicants should send the following documents to by 20 March 2023. Applicants should use the phrase “Project Evaluation – Ethiopia” in the subject line to submit their application

  1. The Applicant’s profile (max. 1 page for individuals) focusing on what makes the applicant the right person/organisation for the work
  2. CV and Relevant experience of those that will be involved in the project
  3. A proposal that, among others, shows how the consultant understands and operationalises the work (methodology), outlines of the activities involved against deliverables, timelines, and potential risks.
  4. Financial proposal

Criteria for selection 

Selection will be fully based upon the proposal submitted by the applicant. The technical proposal will be 70 percent and the financial proposal will have 30 percent weight.

Evaluation: Technical proposal (70 percent)
Applicant Qualification (30 percent)
  • Qualification of those involved in the project (10 %)
  • Knowledge and experience in project evaluation (20 %)
Proposed Methodology (40 percent)
  • Technical understanding of the scope of the work, proposed methodology, and timelines for deliverables (40%)
Financial proposal (30%)
  • The best offer made and consideration of the best value for money will be used in the financial evaluation.