Under Construction

The first version of the Defenders’ Database (DiDi) was launched in April 2018 and is still under construction, albeit completely usable. We hope that you will contribute to the further development through ideas on how we can improve the application, manuals, and web page. We are also very interested in hearing your stories on how you used your data to bring about change.

At the moment the number of criterias to choose from on the map-and-graph-tool is limited, but we will be adding new categories of incident types and geographical regions continuously. At the moment all data is from Cuba, and therefore in Spanish. We will however start working with human rights defenders in other countries during the coming months.

And, as you have noted, this web page is rather rustique in its design, to say the least. But it will get a general overhaul together with the rest of the Civil Rights Defenders web in due time, so try not to take note.

Please send us feedback here.