Natalia Project – Who do we protect?

Since the launch in 2013, Natalia Project – the world’s first assault alarm and positioning system for human rights defenders at risk – has grown significantly. Today, the project includes more than 150 human rights defenders from four continents. 

The Natalia Project includes  human rights defenders from  Russia,  Central Asia, the East and Horn of Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Western Balkans. But how many participants have actually been included in the Natalia Project since the launch?

The Natalia Project has included 157 participants since the launch in 2013 (numbers from 2018).

The Natalia Project has participants all over the world, here is an overview of the number of participants in each country.

The majority of the Natalia Project participants work with Human Rights Defenders monitoring / reporting. The rest are almost evenly split between Human Rights Lawyers, Environmental Human Rights Defenders and those who work with LGBTQ issues.

The alarm and positioning system is powered by social media and built on support from people all around the world. When you help us share information about Natalia Project, you create awareness that can save lives. Together we tell the world what has happened when a human rights defender is attacked. Join the network – follow us on Facebook and Twitter.