FAQ Natalia Project

Q: Can the Natalia Project alarm device be traced?

A: The alarm device operates over GSM networks and therefore its possible to extract some information. However this is also the case with a regular mobile phone, something that most of us carries with us all the time. If hiding positions and movements is a concern of the HRD, CRD will help develop special tactics and procedures for this.

Q: Can the alarm device be activated by accident?

A: It can. However, CRD has a detailed protocol on how to verify an alarm and together with local colleagues that also receives the alarm signal, we together determine if the alarm was genuine or false.

Q: How do you decide who is equipped with a Natalia Project alarm device?

A: We are always on the lookout for human rights defenders who need the Natalia Project alarm device. Our biggest restrain is our financial resources; we need to be able to fund not only the bracelet but also the organisational security protocol for each bearer. We also believe that the project works better in countries and regions where we have other human rights works programs in place.

Q: How does one apply to become part of the Natalia Project?

A: Send us an email at nataliaproject@civilrightsdefenders.org

Q: I would like to donate enough to support one alarm device, how much does that cost?

A: The cost of one alarm device is hard to isolate, given that the Natalia Project is about more than just the alarm device. We are happy for all donations – the more funding we get, the more people the project can protect. Please donate here.

Q: How can I help?

A: If you do not have the possibility to support us financially, follow Civil Rights Defenders, and get updates about the Natalia Project, here: